How to make the most of the winter sales: our advice

The winter sales are here

A time when you can imagine, plan and create the house of your dreams. Or just to give it a facelift, with renewed style, elegance and creativity. However, within the vast range of proposals, discounts and offers, we know very well that the true difference is about making the right strategic choices. It is precisely on this point that you can turn the online and in-store sales into the perfect opportunity for making a useful and ethical investment for your home: buying quality furniture and furnishing items, intended to last a long-time at affordable prices. A gesture that combines care, sustainability and functionality.

Our TaniniHome selection for the winter sales

The sales provides us with the perfect time to take advantage and finally buy the furniture or coverings we’ve been waiting for. In a historical period that has radically revalued and transformed the role of the house and its interiors, choosing the right furniture may be a successful tactic in enhancing and adapting our home spaces to the new needs of contemporary lifestyle. Taking this as our starting point, we have created a careful selection of items for each room of the house: from the bathroom, to the living room and the dining room. The opportunity to enhance the value of your house with the refined style of Ex.t, the innovative items made in Tuscany by Antonio Lupi or the iconic lamp designs by Louis Poulsen. Just like many other quality brands, with generous discounts of up to 30%

Sales for the home: the right strategy at the right time

Sales dedicated to the home and furniture can become even more profitable if you resort to a few simple tricks. One important piece of advice is to arrive in the shop with a floor plan. This should include precise information about the length, height and width of the rooms to be furnished or about the position and size of doors and windows. This is essential to allow us to offer you the best, tailor-made advice, based on your needs, taste and objectives. In the same way, it will be extremely useful to see whether the items you are interested in are already available in stock, or need to be ordered specially, and then to get an idea about potential delivery times.

Why buy items in stock

Sometimes the quality you want is already on hand. This is why it is essential to take a careful look at the products that are already available. This information not only allows you to reduce waiting time, as mentioned above, but also to gain access to more economically advantageous offers.In our selection, some brands available for immediate delivery offer you the chance to buy some sale items at even more affordable prices. Like Ferm Living, a brand famous for its harmonious geometric designs, Hay, the leading Danish brand with its elegant curved wood solutions for the office and flat, or Zanotta, the design creator with Nordic appeal.

We are there to help you at all times

The sales season gives rise to careful searching that involves the values of time, desire and inspiration. And not without a certain dose of courage and commitment. You can discuss your needs with our staff at any time so as to seek the most suitable solution for your plans or to implement the ideas you already have in mind. You can contact us directly via Whatsapp, or via email, or by phone at +39 055 0540617 or via the live chat on the website. If you are interested in talking directly to one of our consultants, book an appointment on our website.