The choice of parquet

How to choose the right parquet for your home

Wooden floor never goes out of fashion. Featuring countless combinations of essences, colours and patterns, parquet is one of the most versatile surfaces, perfectly adaptable to any style both classic and modern. Compared to other materials used for floor and wall covering, parquet is certainly not the easiest choice. Among many alternatives of format, essences and finishes, how to choose the best one for the home?

Here are 3 aspects to consider when you choose a parquet flooring.

1. Spaces and lighting

Depending on the space you’ve got the choice is between lighter or darker essences. For small and not particularly bright apartments it’s advisable to use light wood like the natural oak of Legni del Colle line by Maison du Parquet which will make the space appear larger. More intense hues can be found in collections like the Classics or the UF Lounge by IPF Parquet that fit perfectly into larger, more luminous homes. Another element to consider when restructuring is heating. We dispel the false myth that despite being a living material reactive to thermal stimuli, wood is a perfect choice for those who have underfloor heating. The material, in fact, has an insulating power to prevent direct contact with the heating, allowing an uniform diffusion throughout the environment in which it is installed.

2. Thickness & Materials

ContrParquet is suitable for any room in the house, even in those areas commonly considered off limits due to where the high level of humidity such as the bathroom or the kitchen. Marbles and ceramics can be combined with different types of parquet with very elegant and trendy results. In these cases, knowing the thickness of the parquet we are going to use is very important in order to level the heights and avoid gaps among different floors of the house.

3. The Style

What’s the style that represents you and your home at the best? Different sizes and finishes can really change the style of your home.

Parquet featuring a French or Hungarian spine, like the Bach or Mozart series by IPF for example, are ideal in classic settings, whilst the elegant series of Wax Effect or Metal Luxury by Corà is a better choice for modern & contemporary apartments.

Some types of parquet laying